Remember Both of these songs can be heard on this week’s show. Week 581 of NEXT.

Tuesday Song of the Day
You gotta deal with the pain. Gotta. This song is made for hot summer nights. Drinking beers on the front porch. Hanging with buddies. Or maybe that’s just me. I think I need to add this one to my “After the After Party” mix, no?

Monday Song of the Day
25 years…and this could be their finest. Let’s start the week off on fire. Holy balls I love the organ.

You’ve never understood me…which reminds me of song from my youth.

Tuesday Older Song of the Day
The early aughts. Under the radar defined. The Whispered “Ahhhhhhhh…” at :19 gives me an ear boner.

Monday Older Song of the Day
The feedback is sooooo good. And…I played this song A LOT. I’m gonna guess there are still quite a few of you that will never understand.

Ok I need more JAMC

This song needs to do be played loud. In a car it sounds brilliant too.

One more. Then I must stop myself.

I think I may need to go on Ned’s run of songs now…

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