Happy B Day to Benny (do you think Benny the Bull is named after him?) You know that most of the time I just write…but this time I was too curious. Stay here. I’ll open a new window and check.

Sadly, Benny is not named after Mr Goodman. Mr The Bull was named after Ben Bentley, The Bull’s first Public Relations Manager and Stadium Announcer. Makes Sense.

OK, back to music. Hey, if it weren’t for tangents no one would know me.

1909. May 30. Today. Benny Goodman is born in Chicago. Gotta love those Chicago boys.

1921. At just 12 years old, he begins performing professionally as a clarinetist.

1923. By 14, he joins a musician’s union.

1926. He records his first solo in 1926. 17. Years. Old.

1934 he is the leader of a 12-piece big band.

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