Song of the day: Monday
I catch a whiff of early Liz Phair. That’s never a bad thing. She is so much more than “Sad Girl/Boys suck”. I hope. Plus it seems like most people are moving to Nashville lately…she’s bucking that trend. She lives in NYC. I may need to search her out for an interview. Sophie Allison could I get an interview?

Song of the Day: Sunday
Good welcome back. The deep, dark soul of Ohio. No one does a build like Dulli. Feels like a Sunday kinda song.

We have collected the Older Songs of the Day on Spotify…probably should do it for the Songs of the Day too, no?

Older Song of the Day: Monday
Gotta love lost love/stalker songs.

Older Song of the Day: Sunday
Sunday can be under-appreciated so how about an under-appreciated band on an under-appreciated website that champions the under-appreciated until the rest of the world catches up.

Older Song of the Day Spotify Playlist

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