I am a fan of talent. I’m a bigger fan of good people. Marty Casey is both.

I put together a charity concert in Chicago to raise money for a college scholarship our family starting in the honor of my dad who died by suicide. Marty found out about the concert and asked to perform and help out…and help out he did. We raised more money the year that Marty performed than any other year. So yes, I’m a big fan. Thank you.

Marty Casey on social media

You may remember him from Rock Star: INXS. Marty will release his first solo album, The Ground You Walk On, on May 26.

All the rest of the post is Marty…

Marty Casey – My Life in Music – “Phonographic Memory”

The first recollections of the soundtrack of my life start with a memory of my father and I sitting out on lawn chairs in the front yard, sitting underneath the waving American Flag on the 4th of July weekend listening to Willie Nelson. I only recall my Dad having one musical artist that he liked back in those days, I thought you found a singer you liked and that was your guy… You only got to choose one.
Willie Nelson – On the Road Again

My second recollection is my mother firing up the record player and jamming Barbara Streisand at full volume and cleaning the house in an absolute flourish. The song starts out slow and this is the point she rustles up the 6 kids to help her with the chores. Then about 1:45 into the song the song hits full disco propulsion and Mom is flying around the house with all of the energy and we would all jump in and help. She made it fun to help dust or sweep with this passionate and over the top emotive music swirling thru every room. I think the neighbors must know… We are CRAZY!!!!! HaHa
Barbara Streisand and Donna Summer – No More Tears (ENOUGH IS ENOUGH)

I grew up with 5 brothers and sisters and various different music was always blaring from the shared bedrooms like one loud mash-up!!! This created my multiple personality songwriting with rock, pop and country influences in my brain.
Led Zeppelin – The Ocean

Madonna – Borderline

I finally started buying my own cd’s and I was so proud to share my musical influence on the family! My brother and I still laugh about when I caught him singing the lyrics “Take me down to the VERY LAST CITY!!!!” I said… “IT’S PARADISE CITY!!!!!”
Guns n Roses – Paradise City

In college, my best bud Jim would always be pushing new music my way and telling me to listen to the lyrics and that I should be writing songs this cool. He also told me I should always start my big rock shows with a slow song… Why?…. Because it’s rebellious and what nobody is expecting! Jim has been a behind the scenes big influence on my career.
Pearl Jam – Hard To Imagine

My 3 buds from T-Ball baseball and I have come a long way from the Pinto Field baseball diamond to reaching such great heights in the rock n roll world… All and more than we ever imagined was even possible. When we got pushed – we pushed back harder, when we fell – we got right back up for the next mission. Nothing came easy and we earned every crumb. We celebrated with friends, family and fans like every show and every scar was a victory.
Lovehammers – NeverFall

The soundtrack of our lives is part of what makes us whom we are. We all have those albums that upon hearing the first note of that first song brings us back to that greatest summer of our lives or that song that helped us work thru that really tough break-up. Music gives us all a phonographic memory.
It’s a part of our DNA and we pass that along to those around us.
Marty Casey – She’s On a Roll

Marty Casey – LaLaLa


  • Chris, this was a fun and unique interview! Loved the format and hearing Marty’s answers. Funny to learn after all of these years of knowing him, that both of our moms shared a love of Barbara Streisand. That album he mentions was on repeat for a while during my childhood. And like his dad, my dad was a one band man (or so I thought), though it was Chicago not Willie that was blaring when he was tooling around. I love to learn the soundtracks of other people’s lives. This quote from Marty really does sum it up – “Music gives us all a phonographic memory. It’s a part of our DNA and we pass that along to those around us.”

    • I concur Rachel

      I love this format. I know you are a fan of Marty (as am I) but I’ve done this with other musicians. They are always a great read/listen.

      Appreciate you taking the time to write something. Also glad you enjoyed it.

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