No. I am one of those people. Fuck me.

My state of mind and being was explained in yesterday’s post with my interview with Ben Morse (and Frank Turner). So if you care…click over, then come back.

Hey welcome back.

So let me explain the dreaded feeling that I wrote about in the opening sentences. How did that feeling bubble up?

I am quite happy we did the interview prior to the screening and Q&A. I may have cancelled if it were after.

My first clue was after we shook hands and sat down Frank said, “And who are you again?” Not in a mean way but in a serious “why the hell am I here” kinda way. Which I get. If I were say with Rolling Stone, or BBC, or Spotify it would make sense…but I’m just me, lover of music and super fan of Frank Turner. Not the best answer. Then on top of that…I decide to chat up Ben first. Frank was (and is) awesome and friendly through out.


During the Q&A and the documentary it became clear that Frank is getting “too big” to be “starting out” Frank anymore. Frank can’t sit with everyone any more. I’m just a “everyone” now. I get that (even through my IPA haze).

I truly appreciate Frank and Ben’s time. I love their love of music and I hope that my listeners get something out of the interview. I don’t feel great about myself if that makes sense. I was selfish. So hoping maybe a Frank Turner fan finds out something new via this interview. That would make it worth it.

Wow. Ok…Happy Friday. On to the interview.

00:00 Hello and thank you
00:10 How do you write a song
02:34 (after a false start) Are your favorite songs that ones that you have to work at or the ones that just flowed out of you
04:16 The balance between art and commerce (Abba comes up)
06:24 When did you know music wasn’t just a hobby (and somehow we chat about MC Hammer’s posse)
08:14 Do have you a mis-understood song (think REM’s “The One I Love”)
10:25 I say a song and then Frank tells me something about it (we cover 3 songs)
10:35 “If Ever I Stray”
11:55 “Hits and Mrs” (we talk kazoos)
13:17 “Four Simple Words”
14:50 Any pre show rituals
15:43 The most trouble you’ve ever been in
16:14 Is there something you can’t live without (and then Frank tackles the trouble question)
16:56 A hidden talent
18:00 Thank you and good bye and a quick hand shake

Thank you for watching/listening. Enjoy it all.

Frank Turner was a dream interview. I had another page worth of questions to ask.

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  • I love that Frank is an Abba fan!

    Terrific interview Chris. Frank is a thoughtful and friendly as I would expect from his music.

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