A friend of mine noticed that Get Better was screening in NYC. She asked if I wanted to go. Silly question, hell yeah I did.

Frank Turner is one of my favorite performers. Live, he (and the Sleeping Souls) is (are) brilliant. Truly a DO NOT MISS live band.

So I had tickets to the screening. Then, I remembered that I had Ben’s email because I had bought his photo book also called Get Better. Get Better, the photo book, sits proudly on a side table in my study.

I emailed Ben and asked if he wouldn’t mind giving me a quick interview (10 minutes is quick, no?). He said yes. And I mentioned if Frank were available I would love a quick chat with him as well (18 minutes is quick, right?).

Trailer for the documentary Get Better

I get to the venue. The Gramercy Theater in NYC. Ben greets me at the door and walks me back stage. He mentions Frank…and I say if he’s free that would be brilliant. I go to the restroom. Wash my hands. Walk out…and there is Frank Turner. Now I’ve met quite a few famous people. And I rarely get nervous. I usually don’t care what they think of me. This time it was different. I want Frank to like me. I care. I don’t want to suck. Then I start thinking, “Holy balls…I haven’t had an interview in quite a while.” This may suck.

Ben picks a spot under red lights and asks, “is this spot is cool?”… Well Ben you are the photographer. I get my phone out and my mini tripod. I hit record (please let me have hit record) and tell them that for this first bit I’ll be focusing mostly on Ben. Frank is cool with that and we begin. Damn…I love that man.

00:30 Ben introduces himself
00:38 Where did this idea come from
01:12 Did you have to talk Frank in to the idea of this documentary
01:49 It was just you? Meaning Ben shooting film
02:10 How much footage did you shoot
02:56 Cataloging the footage
03:40 You had a vision…once you starting editing did that change
04:21 Was there anything on the cutting room floor that you really wanted in but it didn’t fit
05:18 Any serendipitous moments
06:54 To Frank. When was the first time you saw the film. Did you have any edits
08:50 What’s next
09:18 First movie you saw in a theater
09:55 What movie would you re-make

Tomorrow I’ll post my interview with Frank Turner (and Ben Morse). Thanks for listening/watching.

Oh and I’m quite bummed about missing one question. Seriously the “one” question I really wanted to ask. I probably should have circled it. I realized this post interview. I had some time to kill before the screening so I walked across the street to a pub. Grabbed a pint of IPA and ordered fish and chips. While waiting for the Fish and Chips I reviewed in my head the interview. I thought it was mostly decent. Then I took out my notes…and while going over my questions I noticed…that I do, in fact, suck…I had forgotten my “one” question. I guess I’ll just have to interview Ben again. Soon.


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