Big fan.

I am a big fan of talented people that are good people.

She was out on tour as a back up singer for Melissa Etheridge. Returned to Westchester NY. Sat down. Wrote songs. She had been writing for other people but this time she decided to write for herself.

She released her debut album “Lollipops & Daggers” on October 1, 2016.

Jessica has also been on tour with the Gary Douglas Band in support of Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes.

My wife is my daughter’s Girl Scout leader. They were working on a badge. The troop needed someone in the music business to come and give the GS troop a quick “interview” about the music business. I emailed Jessica and she immediately said, “Of course. When?”

She was very generous with her time and answered every question that Girl Scouts wanted to know. She may have even played an early version of “Let Me Love You”.

Website with links to social media. Follow and Friend her.

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  • Jessica is the ” Real Deal”. !
    She is one step away from being the ” Next One”..
    Articles like this proves it..

    ” Los”

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