Ok a bit of hyperbole as it’s only 2 of 25 albums but still.

Two albums released on the same day…surely that doesn’t happened too often. For any band.

The Rolling Stones release their 11th US studio album, Sticky Fingers.

Let’s dig deep. One of their best non-singles

Could be their best

And RS released a Deluxe Version of Sticky Fingers in 2015 with this one. EC helping out live. At someone’s birthday party. Damn fine version for a B Day Bash. Surely, they weren’t sober. A good bit of fun.

The album has sold close to 9.5 million copies worldwide since 1971 and ranks as their 2nd best selling studio album behind of Some Girls.

Then five years and 3 albums later, in 1976, (also on this date) The Rolling Stones release their 15th US studio album, Black And Blue.

It was the band’s first studio album released with Ronnie Wood as the replacement for Mick Taylor.

One of the longer songs in their cannon. Who is Hannah?

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