Remember that both of these songs and a few others can be heard on this week’s new music radio program, NEXT week 571. Enjoy.

Wednesday Song of the Day
What the fuck is wrong with the internet? Only 1100 views? C’mon people. We can do better. Next thing you’ll tell me is that people still watch/care about the Kardashians or the Jenners (or ever watched or cared about) (that might be the worst part). Seriously what the fuck?

While playing this…Abby claimed it was pretty good. I love the sax…


Tuesday Song of the Day
Abby much more into this tune. Again only 1600 views? See above.

Working this weeks show because Wednesday = New Music for New Music lovers.

Older Wednesday Song of the Day
RIP J Geils

Abby’s take: I like it. It sounds old fashioned.
Me: We’ll it kinda is. It was one of the first cassettes Daddy ever bought with his own money.
Abby: Wow, so that is old

Older Tuesday Song of the Day
One more

Bonus J Geils Band
This song you wouldn’t hear on the radio. Damn fine mouth organ.

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