Jump Back. I need to start using that more often. I think we all do.

Family movie time. Somehow we picked the classic 1984 film about a no dancing town. I’m still a “no dancing town” myself so I don’t get all the fuss.

Actually now that I’m writing this I just figured it out. I know why we where watching it. A local High School was putting on Footloose The Musical. We were doing research before seeing the musical.

We get to the scene above. What I’ll call the angry dancing scene.

Chris: Well at least he’s doing something healthy with his anger.

Abby (my 11 year old): Dad, he was literally just smoking and drinking.

DAMN…dad is smacked down hard and during family movie night.

I know the question you are asking now. Did Kevin Bacon do his own dancing? Yes and no.

Enjoy this “remake”

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