Wilco released their debut album in 1995. On this day. They called it A.M.

I barely had time to weep over the break up of Uncle Tupelo. This was pre-internet so it wasn’t announced and debated over twitter in milliseconds. I’m sure by the time I found out about the break up Wilco had already recorded songs.

Jay Farrar and Jeff Tweedy couldn’t get along. This lead to the break up of Uncle Tupelo. It also (probably) started “The death spiral” of Alt-Country as a break out category. In the mid 90s I was quite enamored with the niche. I still have an incredible soft spot for Whiskeytown (another break up that killed me), Old 97s, Jayhawks, and The Gear Daddies. Among others. This also is why current bands such as Band of Horses and Avett Brothers still turn me on. It’s residual from my mid 90s love affair with Slobberbone and Uncle Tupelo.

This is the full show…of UTs last show. Great quality for 1994.

UT (do I have to print out Uncle Tupelo?) played its last concert on May 1, 1994. The venue was called Mississippi Nights in St. Louis, Missouri. It was only months later Wilco (UT minus Jay, plus Brian Henneman of The Bottle Rockets) would release A.M.. Why so quick? One guess is that Tweedy had a few songs written but Farrar wouldn’t put them on UT albums. I am also guessing that Tweedy wanted to get the Wilco album out before Son Volt’s (Jay Farrar’s new band) debut.

This was the single

We (I) would see this again later with The Drive By Truckers and Jason Isbell. In a way, I get two great bands for one great price. UT break up. I get Wilco and Son Volt. DBT break up. I get Jason Isbell solo and Drive By Truckers.

A.M. got luke warm reviews and Jay went into the studio with a chip on his shoulder and came out swinging. Trace, Son Volt’s debut album, out sold A.M.. Trace (Farrar’s Son Volt Album) was a kick in the ass, and a shot in the arm, for Tweedy. Wilco never looked back.

Still my favorite song. (They punk this version up at the end, no?)

Last song on the album. Could be about Jay and Jeff?

Although A.M. was pretty straight forward and really the last time Wilco did a full “Alt-Country” album again. Wilco began to expand their sound across multiple genres. It is also the only Wilco album to feature Brian Henneman of The Bottle Rockets as a lead guitarist.

The Full Album

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