I met Andy through Steven Wright Mark. I believe he was playing bass with SWM. I could be wrong. I’ve been wrong before and I shall be wrong again.

Everyone has a music journey. I hope everyone continues to have a musical journey. This is Andy’s musical journey in his own words.

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Thank you Andy for sharing this with us. Enjoy it all…

My Life In Music

I‘ve played music from the age of five onward. My first instruments were woodwinds: recorder, and clarinet then alto sax and finally guitar/bass and string instruments. In elementary school, all I listened to was The Beatles. I remember having discussions, with my friend Brian, about lyrics to I Am The Walrus and Day In The Life when we were riding the bus in third grade.

When I was twelve, I started to play guitar. I got my first bass for a middle school graduation present. Inspiration struck while seeing some friends’ band play in the school gymnasium. A band with some friends formed right away. We covered Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, The Who, The Kinks…all the classic rockers. Our name was Rampage. We played at house parties, and school dances, as well as the Battle-of-the-Bands at a neighboring high school.
Eventually, after changing our name to Fallout, we recorded a group of original songs on a four track cassette deck, my first foray into recording/producing/sessions.

Wanting to pursue a career in music led me to Berklee college in Boston. I started playing in clubs like The Rat, Local 186, O’Briens, and eventually places like the Paradise, Axis, Bill’s Bar and the Middle East Club in Cambridge. I joined a metal band, Trustfall, and we burned up the roads of the Northeast. After releasing our first cd, Bright, we toured all of New England, as well as NY, PA. A lineup and name change, to No December, found the band multiplying it’s fan base. We showcased for record labels in NY and LA. On the day we received an offer for a spec deal from a famous producer, one of the band members left. Such is life. The band found a new member, but petered out soon after.

After several gigs recording in NYC, I simultaneously built a career as a bass player/producer. I did some theater work as well as cabarets in NYC with Broadway actors.

That’s when I decided to concentrate on my own material. I began writing in earnest with no goal other than self-expression. Some of my “solo” influences are Badly Drawn Boy, Elliot Smith, Jeff Buckley, Muse, Radiohead, The Shins, Chris Thile, Nick Drake, Bob Dylan and of course ,The Beatles. My first record, Lemons And Bananas is the culmination of my influences and experience reflected in an honest and passionate manner through the majesty of harmony, rhythm, melody and lyric.


  • Thanks for sharing, Andy. That was wonderful and inspiring. I have a great admiration for those who have found a way to make their passion their living. Lord knows in this business it ain’t easy!

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