Saturday’s Song of the Day
Hell, let’s call this song, song of the next 4 years. Sage advice. I, too, thought we were winning over of the racists and the homophobes. I still think we will. OK, I hope we will. We humans are truly silly apes. Our ape mind is deep.
Thank you Mr Turner.

PS: Side note- I don’t care if your religion believes its a sin, I don’t care if it was how you were brought up, If you discriminate someone because of their gender, sex, color, etc YOU ARE HOMOPHOBIC/RACIST. It may have been Denis Leary that said, Why hate someone because of their color when there are so many better reasons. Or something close to that. Yes, I know I could google it…but I don’t want to. PLUS I doubt most of you made it this far.

Another PS: The Pope just said it’s better to be an atheist then a bad christian. Or something close to that (yes, I could google that too but see above). Preach brother my brother. Love that Pope.

Another PS: Be on the right side of history. Looking back at the photos of segregation…would you like it if your grandfather or grandmother were in those…behaving badly…would you like that? Do you want that photo as part of your history. Same here.

It’s going to be a long four years. Let’s be the sand in the gears.

Friday’s Song of the Day
another track off their damn fine album. Quite brilliant live too. On tour now.

Remember if you like these two songs (or even just one) you can hear them a few others on this week’s hour hour new music radio show NEXT Week 566. It also happens to be our end of the month wrap up of our favorite songs played on NEXT in the month of February. Enjoy.

Saturday’s Older Song of the Day
To go along with Sand in the Gears…sadly everybody knows…

Friday’s Older Song of the Day
And to balance Sleepless Nights…the city sleeps tonight…or does it?

Alright…I need more Frank

This could go on forever so I’ll stop. After this one…


  • Love Frank Turner, but I must take umbrage with the Pope. His statement that it’s better to be an atheist than a bad Christian implies that there is something inherently bad with being an atheist. How about it’s just better to be an atheist, period.

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