Tuesday’s Song of the Day
Mid Tempo Rocker…right up my alley. Plus Chicago. Done and Done. Enjoy. Plus you gotta love a start of a song with a ringing chord that lasts 8 seconds or so. Or maybe that’s just me…yeah it’s probably just me.

Monday’s Song of the Day
I like the drums. I like the voice. I like the guitar. I guess I like this song. It’s good. Strike that. It’s quite good. Actually great. If you don’t think so…check your fucking ears. Seriously get to the doctor quick.

You may hear both of these songs and a few others on this week’s new music radio show NEXT Week 563. Enjoy.

Tuesday’s Older Song of the Day
The 90s man…damn fine guitar rock. Plus tighty Whities. Not sure why no one is picking him up?

Monday’s Older Song of the Day
I’m staying in the 90’s guitar rock. Holy Balls I loved this track. Still love it.

I need one more. Show me…how does it go? Thank you Mary.

Man…I feel younger. Actually that’s not true but in my mind I’m in my 20s again (for 3 and half minutes at least). Damn I miss the 90s. These songs were on the radio. Are you bloody kidding me?

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