Yes, yes I know it’s technically 26 (in 2017) but the title is “catchy” so I’m keeping 25. Deal with it. If it helps just call it “Alternative Facts”.

I’ve covered a few big albums of 1991 (scroll to the bottom of this post for a list). Today I’m going to dig a bit deeper. It’s albums like this that made 1991 amazing.

Remember pre internet everywhere? I do. So I honesty don’t remember where I first hear Adam or the song “World So Bright” but after I did I had to hunt down the CD. It may have been a CMJ CD. Glad I did.

Just to remind you I was in college. Full of testosterone. Listening to a lot of NIN, PJ, RHCPs, Living Colour and The Replacements. So when you hear the song “World So Bright” you may notice that it’s “softer” (I did have a ToTo CDs and G Michaels too) but that was the song that inspired me to find the full album. Most of the rest of the album is pure fun Power Pop…and I’ve always been a sucker for the mid tempo rockers. Want more of my 1991 power pop love…I covered Matthew Sweet’s “Girlfriend” too.

Never saw Adam Schmitt live. I don’t know how he was on stage.

Dead End
Track 1.

Good start. Power chords. Bright. Nice drumming. Love the the surprising little “guitar solos” when a lyric line would end. Sucker for that too.

So one song in and Chris Bro happy boy. Did you notice that there are only 132 listens?

It was songs/albums like this one that obviously you can track back as a beginning to NEXT. It’s logical, right? Not too many people liked/bought this CD…but I did and played the hell out of it. It was one of many moments of looking at people thinking “Why the hell aren’t you in to this?” I’ll add Black Taxi to that too. C’mon people. We are better than that. Ok probably not but that’s my thinking on an almost daily basis.

World So Brilliant
Track 2

Love the keys.
This one is easy. It was my introduction. I like it and it made me want to buy the full CD. Thankfully the whole CD made me smile. I hated when the song that made you want to buy a CD was the best song on it. I hope that makes sense.
Nice guitar intro and I’m pretty sure that 10 second mark was the reason I fell for the tune. (and yes listen through out the song…it comes back) Chris Bro happy boy.

PS as I write this my 14 year old is here (snow day) and is humming along. He has never heard this album before. That’s a good sign. So I should feel good about “my ears” and my ability to “pick” a song.

Can’t Get You On Mind
Track 3

Back to the power pop and the “lite” chugging guitar.
This was a good topic for my college mind…there have always been girls that I’ve liked that wanted no part of me. Or had no clue I was interested. Now I wasn’t a loser in love but I was certainly no ladies man. As I tell Kate…I’m not ugly, I know that, but I’m not a Casanova

River Black
Track 4

Slow intro leading to a cool guitar and way super cool backing vocals. The “Awwws”. I think everyone knows a girl like Tracy, no?

The pain will die when Tracy goes away. Ouch.

Track 5

It’s 1991…so you need a slow song. The ballad. It’s not bad. Drum machine doesn’t help. Luckily it’s the last song so a quick FF solves it if I wasn’t feeling it. So if this song wasn’t on the Album I’d be ok with it.

Garden Of Love
Track 6

This should have a been the only “Ballad” on side one. It’s a bit of pick me up. There’s enough “extra” sounds in the background to keep me interested. Plus I’m sure I did, in fact, want some one to walk with me in the garden of love. And I bet I have the bad poetry to prove it. PS: I hope someone has thrown those notebooks out.

Side Two
My Killer
Track 7

Back to the power pop. I love the “pause” at :43 and the “Repeat/echo” on “Break” and “Die”. Again it was the little “background” extras that made me smile. Then the a bit longer “pause” at 3:01 after the guitar solo…Done. I like. Not sure when I became a huge (bigly) fan of “pausing” in songs but I am.

“you’ve been my down fall…for I…can’t even remember” Great line. All losers in love can relate. Just watching. Wanting. Waiting…but not getting. Yup. Me. I get it.

Remembered Sun
Track 8

It’s side two’s “Garden of Love”. Seems a bit early on a Power Pop album but you know me and my addiction to pace and flow. Just enough crunch in this one. If they had cut this one to balance out the cut of “Lost” I’d be ok with that. Remember Cutting “Lost” is only in my head.

Everything Turned Blue
Track 9

Now this is crunchy power pop. This should have been song 2 on side 2. Just saying.

Elizabeth Einstein
Track 10

Again flow, man. C’mon flow. But holy balls I loved this song. I wanted to have an Elizabeth Einstein in my college life. Perfect guitar “break” at 2:45. Is that a tuba? Holy balls yes…

PS: 14 year old is humming again…and as I was writing that sentence…he said “I really like this song. What’s it called?” Life is all about timing. Too funny.

Scarlet Street
Track 11

Love the “street noise” considering the title. Well played. Mid tempo rocker. Nice intro. Cool build. I like the backing vocals.

At Season’s End
Track 12

I don’t remember a lot of “double tracking” his vocals. Or maybe it’s because this one is “acoustic” in nature. So it’s more in my face (ears). Dare I say this tune could be called “Alt Country”. Remember when that was a thing? I miss those early “Alt Country” days. Great closer. Also love the “fade to black”.

91 is 25 will continue. Way too many great albums to cover.

We started with Pearl Jam. Added U2. Then Matthew Sweet. Still want to cover Metallica, Nirvana, SRV, REM, Pixies, RCHP, Ned’s Atomic Dustbin and so many more. Many, many more. I told you 1991 was a crazy glorious musical year. I know I wouldn’t finish before 2017 but I’m going to continue calling the posts “91 is 25”. #AlternativeFacts


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