Sunday’s Song of the Day
Something to wake you up. A bit of RnR caffeine. In the running for early song of the year.
Gets in. Says what it wants. Rocks. Gets out. Fade to black.

That’s a lot of noise from two lads.

Saturday’s Song of the Day
This one…waits…then about half way though the tune you find yourself thinking “holy balls this is one great song”. Could just be me. What do I know?

Side project from Vampire Weekend.

Both of those songs (and a few others) can be heard on this week’s NEXT. Week 561.

Sunday’s Older Song of the Day
Sadly this band is no longer among us but they did form The Dreamers (and they are kicking some ass…so there’s that)

Saturday’s Older Song of the Day
godless…I’m just going to leave this here…maybe forever

PS: those horns. Holy balls. The groaning guitar. Oh yeah. Maybe not groaning. What’s the word I’m looking for? Crawling? Creeping? I’ll just stay with groaning…

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