earworm-1I’ve written this before I may just get it tattooed to my forehead. Fuck you 2016. What an awful, awful year. Need to take time out again and thank the Cubs. Something good.

Both of these songs and a few others can be heard on last week’s new music radio program called NEXT. Enjoy week 550.

Tuesday’s song of the day
Thank you you magical, musical poet.

Monday’s song of the day

Tuesday’s older song of the day
What’s the matter with you?

Monday’s older song of the day
Yes. The Glove compartment is needs to be renamed.

I could play so many but I’m throwing this one in as I believe that the lyrics mean as much, if not more, today then when this song was written.

Everybody knows that he will be missed…at least by those with musical taste and an ear for the glorious.

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