go-sportsI still think it’s dream. Congrats Cubs. Fly the W.

Now that Theo has broken the Red Sox and the Cubs curses…he can obviously fix anything.

Write in Theo for president (or Bill Murray).

Go Sports.

I’m not starting with the most votes this time around. Why? Because I love this song…and it was a “hidden” bonus track…on a CD. Remember those? That was a thing.

Congrats Tim. You suggested what should have been the top song (so I’m putting it on top)

If you are not aware of the Gear Daddies and like Alt Country (another thing from the 90s I miss) check them out.

The top and really my guess is that you could have guessed it.

Nice job Joe, Kim, Thomas, Another Joe, and Brig

2nd top vote getter? What a voice. What a front man.

Good add Shannon, Landa, Daniel, and Jose

3rd…from Paul, Shannon, and Landa

and the rest

This was the only other song with an extra vote. Good add from Rob and Jose

I would have thought that this one would have mentioned a few times but was “Voted in” only by Joe.

and you have to love self promotion. Well played Patrick

Nice video

Shannon brought back a lot of memories with this one

Paul reminded us of the great sexual renaming for baseball bases…quite a brilliant interlude

Cycling Tiger gets bonus points for any mention of JAMC

I still miss Zevon (worth a read…maybe…Last Goodbye). Nice suggestion Rob. And another hockey song.

Joe brought back a flood of childhood memories. Love Racer X.

Tim threw out this brilliant tune from a brilliant band that some how isn’t in RnR HoF. How is that still a thing. Travesty doesn’t even come close.

Matt wants to talk baseball

via Daniel don’t think I’ve seen this video before

Thomas added. Willy! Willy! Willy!

Brig gets bonus points for the South Africa World Cup tune. Man it played everywhere.

Love the drums.

Patrick with another hockey song

Tim…more bonus points for the Bulls intro. What a run we had with MJ. Just a joy to watch.

I love that my daughter just asked if this music was written for the Bulls…

Paul almost get it right. Cubs in 7.

Boxing gets in on the fun…well this song isn’t really that funny. You know what I mean.

Kim mentioned an R rated video…couldn’t find it

One can never go wrong with PG. Thanks Cycling Tiger

Joe got funky with his baseball song

Daniel suggested this racing song. Hint: Turn Left. Turn Left. Turn Left.

Also I’m quite sure some alien race is going to find our ruins and wonder why the hell we wasted our limited resources on something as stupid as going around a circle for a few hours. While most of the “fans” just wanted to see a crash.

And boxing comes back too. Thanks again to Daniel.

Thomas wrote in…

Jose with a great call.

Paul gets all educated by reading books and listening to this band

Because drugs and sports mix

and Jill didn’t stop with one Phish tune

“Laces out, Dan”

Nice add Brig

Patrick’s last song is a NFL film tune

Decent cover nice Lynn

I’m almost always the ball

Kim went old school (and added more drugs)

Ending with this one from Joe…getting us ready for March Madness

We, of course, have an honorable mention (a bonus song). This one from Rob. You can’t watch sports without beer.

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