happiness-is-new-songsTuesday’s Song of the Day
Gotta watch out for those metaphoric wolves. I’ve “run” with them a few times. Not always fun…

Monday’s Song of the Day
Love the “play those horns”. Wonder if that was planned or ad libbed. Either way – Way Super Cool.

PS this song has only 5,581 views. What the fuck people?

Both of these songs can be heard (amongst others) on this week’s NEXT week 547. Enjoy it all.

Tuesday’s Older Song of the Day
I remember when this song came out. Damn. I loved it. Brought the CD and was quite disappointed. Hate when the best song (especially if it’s FAR and WAY) is the “radio” song. But holy balls this song is still brilliant.

Monday’s Older Song of the Day
EV and The Stones? Why the hell not

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