91 is 25: Pearl Jam

September 29, 2016By ChrisMusic, My Life In Music No Comments

pj-lohoMy brother texts. Are you in?


Silly question really. Even if I have to move the family trip to Yellowstone around. I will be there.

Dad of the year I am.

It’s Pearl Jam at Wrigley (again). Hopefully there …

Week 541 Full Show 09_07_16

September 7, 2016By ChrisMusic Podcast No Comments

peter-wolf-crierWelcome to another month where we find you the best new music out there. There’s a lot of great new music and we hope you find that NEXT does a pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty good job of getting you the …

Ahead of the Curve

September 7, 2016By ChrisMusic 1 Comment

ahead-of-the-curveThank you to Tony for this quick note after hearing about Hailey Knox on the Today show

Heard you snuck in this morning you must have felt as if one of your kids was on camera what with Hailey on