Joe_Duley_and_Roger_Daltry_mediumJOE DULEY – Creative Content Producer and Freelance Copywriter: Former Radio Discjockey.

Joe has a website. Stop by and say hi.

I still remember the first time I met Joe. We were working at WRNR in Annapolis. I’m working Midnight to 6 AM (yes I got some crazy calls). That was some 14 odd years ago (damn…I’m getting old). So it was his first shift…I walked into the studio…and saw this stranger. Well he didn’t stay a stranger for long. We hit it off…conversations were easy.

I love this series and also love that Joe has taken a different approach. The focus on one artist. There is no wrong way. I hope he writes more about his life in music.


The rest of the words are all Joe:

” Bob Marley’s “One Love” is a strong song from a tenacious album which always invokes a bit of hope into one’s soul.
Its beat gets your toes tappin’ and fingers snappin’. And yet, the entire tune, from beginning to end is powerful and poignant.
The first time I heard the “One Love” was when I was a kid; along City Dock in Annapolis, Maryland, on a sunny summer’s day.

My young friends and I were crabbing along the pilings to which several “Yachts” were moored. To us, “Yachts” back in the day were not not actually yachts – but to poor fourteen year old kids, any boat longer than a six-foot dinghy was a yacht.
There were some really cool looking men and women, obviously from the Caribbean, whose party was blasting music, the likes of which we had never heard.
They were on the stern just chillin’ as it were, showcasing Mr. Bob Marley and his Wailers singing away from a big-ass 8-Track player.
It was incredible new music and a far cry from the Bubble Gum and Disco music that was wafting over most the airwaves at the time. All good genres, but Reggae was brand new to our young ears!

The beat. The Lyrics. The meaning of the tune. The Singer! It was all part of a tapestry that wove together Bob Marley’s “Exodus” album.
It cut through color and creed and made people from all walks of life sing together.
That was the first time I heard – and actually learned to – appreciate Reggae.
No matter how shitty of a mood I may be in, Bob Marley usually turns the tide to a positive vibe.
Reggae: it F’n rocks!”


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