Clouds_over_hillsI don’t know what happened. Bad timing? Bad topic? Or maybe I “lost” a section of answers (that’s quite possible) but not a lot of NEXTers answered this one. Doesn’t matter. I’ve tallied the numbers. Gathered the info and now we get to listen to a few good tunes.

Thanks again for playing “My 3 Songs”

When I say Hills you say…PG.
Now I’m a huge fan of Peter Gabriel. Hell, my first dance was a Gabriel tune so I was right there with you (even though I didn’t count my votes). Damn fine number one song. Good job Jay, Rob, Kim, Nancy, Thomas, Brig, and Kate Snow. Woo Hoo. Her first time playing My 3 Songs.
PS: I hope you are watching her Sunday night on NBC Nightly News and also Monday through Friday (yes busy girl) on MSNBC at 3 PM.

I remember this tour…so bloody cool. Plus any song that rhymes “Replacement” with “smile on my face meant” is more than ok in my book.

Kate (again), Cycling Tiger (Twitter baby), Lynn, Peter, and Kim

What a bloody treat…Gilmour on guitar. Love that man. Never heard this version prior to this (yet another reason I love these questions as I usually find a surprise)

Now I said I didn’t count my votes but since you voted this one in I need to add this brilliant cover. It’s not a want it’s a need. You can always just scroll down and skip this one…

3rd most votes
I was wondering when we’d get to The Beatles. Thanks Jose, Thomas, Lynn, and Jay

OK another “find”. I wasn’t aware that she covered this tune. I’m in love with Anne’s vox so I adding this cover.

There’s 2 songs with 3 votes and then 3 songs with 2 votes.

David, Jay, and Jose threw their weight behind one of the greatest rock n roll bands ever. If you say the Greatest I can’t find fault with that statement.

Kate, Brig, and David
Off an album that if you are of a certain age…is monstrous in your life. Achtung Baby is still my favorite U2 album but this one was perfect for it’s time…a perfect U2 album.

Now a fake band. Well not fake. Cartoon? I think that’s what they call themselves. Mind-blowing video.

Nice add Kim and Rob
Gotta love Mick (The Clash) on Guitar on this live one…yes I’m adding another video.

Now this is yet another reason live music is good for your soul…it’s much heavier.

Suggested by Brig and Peter

The only repeat “Hill” band. Thanks Rob and Nancy. Great crescendo. What a build…

And the rest with votes

Holy balls what a vox

Great add Jose

We are gonna stay with Jose and his bonus song (NEXTers love their bonus songs)

I miss Whiskeytown. One day we’ll have to drink a beer and I’ll share with you a story about seeing them live in Albuquerque. Now is not the time. On to more tunes.

This is Thomas’ last “vote”

And the last vote of David is this beauty.

Cycling Tiger added these two. Well played.


and I believe Fats is this post’s “I haven’t tagged him before?”

Nancy’s last one. Say what you will but man do they put on a show.

Also when we are having that beer remind me to tell you about seeing Coldplay and “meeting” Courtney Love. It was perfect Love.

Peter though out this gem.

and the Hills are alive…right Lynn?

and I just noticed Brig had this as a bonus.

Ha and Brig added another bonus. We NEXTers love our bonus songs

and Rob’s bonus

Bob playing soccer? Hell yeah.

Last one…Nancy’s bonus. Bowie, of course.

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