marla andI’m not quite sure how I was introduced to Marla but I’m happy I was. She is a music lover and I love music lovers. She was quite important to me this year. Every other year I head back to Chicago to put on a charity concert in my Dad’s name (Get ready for November 2017). I don’t live in Chicago anymore (some day again I hope) so it’s always great when a someone from Chicago steps up to help out. Marla truly stepped up. She helped us get awareness and built up excitement for our charity concert. Marla, I can’t thank you enough.

The rest of the words are all Marla.

My Life in Music: Marla Zegart

Ever since I was a young child, I have loved music. While most friends were into cartoons, I loved watching American Bandstand.

I also took piano lessons and never had to be nagged to practice. My mother always used to tell me that she knew when I was upset about something because she noticed that I would “play my heart out on the piano.”

In addition to loving music, I also had a passion for fashion and ultimately began a career in the fashion industry. I enjoyed the creative world of merchandising and working with amazing designers as well as maximizing business opportunities in that arena. I worked for large corporations and then ultimately opened my own specialty boutique. The large retailers were becoming so mass merchandise driven and more about the bottom line and less about offering innovative product. I felt consumers were tired of ‘homogenized retail’ and wanted to fill a niche offering unique and distinctive merchandise and as a result opened my store, Excentrique.

After the shock and extreme sadness associated with 9/11, I became somewhat of a news junkie and was not listening to music so much.

Then, in the summer of 2005 someone told me that I should be watching the television show, ROCKSTAR: INXS. I was not into reality television, but I am so glad I tuned in. In my opinion the show was not typical reality TV. I felt it portrayed talented musicians and showed their support of one another and focused more on talent and less on drama. I instantly became a fan of Marty Casey, who was the runner-up and fan favorite on the show. Since he was from Chicago, after the show I started attending Chicago concerts that featured Marty and his band, Lovehammers. Thanks to Marty and Lovehammers my love of music was revived!

I got to know Marty and helped make introductions to some media / individuals that I knew from my store business as a means of getting him more exposure. In addition, I noticed that Marty had a great sense of style. One night after a concert Marty and I were chatting and I said to him, “Between my background in the fashion industry and your sense of style, I feel we should be doing something.” He agreed and 3 months later, the MARTY CASEY SILVER ELEMENTS COLLECTION was launched!
kate snow earrings

The collection consists of Silver Jewelry and Accessories inspired by Marty’s songs. Our concept is, A Fusion of Fashion & Music. As we began working together we realized the tremendous synergy between the fashion and music industries. We started with one item, a Tree Dog Tag Necklace based upon the success of his song, “Trees” which Marty debuted on ROCKSTAR: INXS. We also formed an alliance with American Forests and a portion of sales are donated to their ‘Global Releaf’ initiative.

We had such an overwhelming response that we have been designing new items ever since. And, we are proud to have a very talented journalist among our clientele.
I have recently expanded my horizons and am also a real estate broker. I will now have to figure out how to fuse music and real estate!

Since Marty Casey and Lovehammers revived my love for music…one more!

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