good music gives chillsA few other new songs that you can listen to too. Listen to NEXT week 532.

Wednesday song of the day
A drummer with a solo album…and then invites Hanson to sing a tune. Sure. Sign me up. Still miss him with Cheap Trick.

Tuesday song of the day
Love PG. Supposedly had this gem just sitting in a file somewhere (that must suck to have something this great…just waiting). Written about Ali. The Greatest.

Wednesday older song of the day
I can’t believe how old this tune is. Such a chill tune.

Tuesday older song of the day
Why not stay with a “P” band?
This is about how god sucks right? How he/she barely listens.
Holy balls I love the build at 2:30 and it climbs to “It just smiles and runs the other way” at 3:00.
Great driving song…put the top down…

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