IMG_2608Ryan Miller is brilliant. He is a brilliant front man. He is a brilliant human being.

I saw him backstage and said, “Hey Ryan would it be possible to do a quick chat with you?” We had met before and he remembered. Bonus points…my kids were with me and he was brilliant (yes that word again) with them.

We started to move away from the festival noise. Ryan asked how I wanted to the interview I said, “I’ll just record you if that’s cool?” Well it wasn’t.

He suggested a “Walk and Talk”.

I’m just me so I said, “I’m not sure how that would work.”

Ryan grabbed the phone. Clicked record. And we were off.

In this interview you may or may not pick up on Ryan’s love for Pee Wee Herman.
Thanks again Ryan. Go see his band Guster live. They are (say it with me) brilliant. So much fun. Great crowd banter. They play the “hits” and dig deep for the fans too. They are working on new tunes…so when they finally release it (they are picking a producer right now so it will be a bit) buy that too.

Guster Website

And yes Ryan did get coffee. Thanks to Pam.

Enjoy it all and remember if you love someone hug them right now.

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