this is my jam baby headphonesI love music. If you are here you probably love music too. So thank you.

These two songs and a few others (an hours worth…well 57 minutes worth of new music) can be heard on last week’s new music radio show NEXT week 530.

Song of the Day Wednesday
Shocking I know that I’m posting a song from a band from the 90’s…have I mentioned how much I miss the 90’s music scene? It makes me quite happy to hear this band again. It’s been awhile.

Song of the Day Tuesday
Bad news (Gord has Cancer) so you surely can forgive this tune and the few fucks he utters. One can only guess just how bloody tired he is. Cancer sucks. This is one fine The Hip song. I’ve always categorized them as “thinking man’s rock”. Is that cool?

Older Song of the Day Wednesday
I’ve had a very long love affair with The The. Wow look at that another 90’s song. Shocking.

Older Song of the Day Tuesday
This song popped up on random the other day in the car…and look another Canadian.

Bonus The The Song
I told you I’ve had a long love affair so deal with another The The song. Plus I think that moniker is brilliant.

Love the piano solo. Love it.

OK one more. Deal with it.

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