game-of-thrones-the-mountain-reveals-his-insane-diet-planNice job again NEXTers. Thank you for playing our wee little game called My 3 Songs. We pick a topic then we vote on Facebook (with a comment) or Twitter (with a reply). You pick your 3 favorite songs on said topic. I gather them together. Tally…and poof…we get an answer.

This time around it was Mountain songs. Would the top song go to John Denver? Of Monsters and Men, Joe Walsh, Neil Young, or Jane’s Addiction or this band…

Here’s the top voted song. Well played Jen, J Balls, Jason, David, Jay

Lisa, Chevel, Jose, and Lynn almost got this band to the top. PS great video. Love the “intro”. I’m sure I’m one of the few in the world that love the soundcheck and lead up to the show.

Every time we do this I’m shocked (ok maybe not the right word) (surprised?) at what band or person hasn’t been “tagged” on the website before. I feel like Johnny boy has been mentioned on this site before today. But the “tag” didn’t pop up when searching. So maybe shocked is the right word.

nice add J Balls, Jen, and Lynn

Rob, Michele, and Mark through their weight behind

I remember not meeting him once. We were throwing an outdoor alley way party in Pleasantville. The band was rocking. Beer was flowing. Everyone having a great time. Neil happened to be next door talking about a film (Documentary maybe?). So his event ends and out he walks (with “people”) right through our alley way jam…didn’t pause just jumped right into his running Escalade without a nod. So thanks Neil.

I would have thought this monster guitar riff would have been higher up…what do I know?

Spent the last year…
Nice add David, Catherine, and Jason

You gave me the option of Gaye or Ross.

Good call Lisa, Catherine and David

Almost 180? with this tune. Man…that bass. The scream…the monster guitar riff. Damn this song would jump off my CD in college.

Excellent call David, Michele, and Meghan

Jason and Michele added votes for Ozzy

I miss Randy. Great solo.

The Dead got a few mentions (but not Stef) by David and Lynn

I still can’t believe they won a grammy. The Grammy. Plus they know how to pack a stage.

Nice add Chevel and Jose

and hey look Chevel and Jose both threw their votes Nada Surf way. Love this band. I feel like they should be much, much bigger.

And the rest

Need to add this one to the top. Lisa mentioned one of the favorite songs of the past few years. How is this song not everywhere…all the time? I take that back. IF it were then I’d be not quite as happy when it pops up on my phone when I’m driving around. (#1)


This band was a big part of growing up (a lot in college). I miss those days. Good add Thomas. Thanks for reminding me of just how old I am.

Another band that I wish were bigger/happy they aren’t. Make sense? Brilliant add Laura

Quick listen to this video…I’m sure it will be down soon. Good add Meghan.

Paul went old school heavy metal. Dio!

Another 180? Sure why not. Thanks Catherine

Chill out man

Steve Miller the hippy. Who knew? I guess Brighid.

Not normal. And I love it. Not sure hanging out with Mr Francis would be cool…probably would but only because you knew it would end.

Well played Rob. Pixies were one of the many bands that as soon as I heard them…I had to buy everything I could find. The very next day…

hey Laura your bango is showing

Another “not been tagged before” band.

And Jay added

And we’ll stay with Jay and another jammy kinda thing

I would say a 30+ minute tune counts as jammy. Jay getting his money worth.

Meghan’s last…how about some cowbell

J Balls with beer drinking tune

Also another “Never been tagged” band.

Don’t call it a comeback..right Thomas?

Paul added

Actually I need to change that. Thomas had this one too.

Rob’s last one off the brilliant album based on Woodie’s lyrics.

Lovely harmonies

Thanks Jen

Brighid reminding my of my neighborhood bar in St Thomas. There was one bartender that played nothing but Blues Traveler.

David is on a mission to add a Zappa song to every My 3 Songs topic. So far so good.

Remember Zappa is not for everyone.

Mark has decided to double dip his flower tune as it works for this topic too. Well played.

Laura hitting the moonshine

Another “never tagged before” band.

And speaking of illegal booze

Nice add Brighid

A lot of farm aid tunes to these mountains

Thanks Paul.

NEXTers love their bonus additions

J Balls



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