It’s a lady kinda week. Girls, Girls, Girls…

Both of these song and a few others can be heard on this week’s NEXT. Week 528. Enjoy.

Tuesday’s Song of the Day
I like tacos. I like dogs. So half right, right? The band sounds great. Throwback 60s… Sadly I’ve never seen them live. I truly hope they rip it up.

Monday’s Song of the Day
Just a girl. A girl standing in front of a drum machine playing music. And I’m loving it.

I love (LOVE) the guitar string sound too.

Tuesday’s older song of the day
I think this is a good thing to remember. Freedom. Plus a Rolling Stones sample is cool too.

Monday’s older song of the day
My soul smiles at this tune. Brilliant lyrics.

bonus tracks
yay Chicago

Older Bonus Track

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