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Both of these songs (and a few other great new tunes) can be heard on this week’s NEXT (Week 527). Click. Listen. Enjoy.

Sunday’s Song of the Day
She sounds great but if you’ve been a fan of NEXT at all during the last 6 or 7 years…you already knew that. Congrats Hailey.

Saturday’s Song of the Day
Yes a bit of a change of pace for this band…but I like it. Would/will sound great on a beach and/or boat. Close to water is what I’m trying to say. Sounds good in a car too. Top down…OK what I’m trying to say is it’s good. Enjoy.

Sunday’s Older Song of the Day
Don’t call this a comeback. OK, fine. Let’s call it the comeback.

Saturday’s Older Song of the Day
Giving away one of my top secret mix tape adds. This song is so cool and such a surprise that almost everyone would comment about it to me.

Bonus Song of the Day
Sad they broke up but ok with the band that rose from the ashes. Always loved this song. still love this song.

Enjoy it all.

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