Hello. Yes, it’s called song of the day but I usually combine two days into one post.

Both of the these songs can be (and should be heard) on this week’s new music radio program NEXT week 525. Enjoy.

Monday’s Song of the Day
Easy one to pick and very big welcome back

I miss the 90s

Sunday’s Song of the Day
Fun. Funky. And damn…the lyrics.

Monday’s older Song of the Day
This song has vibe…whatever that is man. Whatever. Vibe.

Sunday’s older Song of the Day.
Turn up the bass. More Funky. Gotta love Chicago. Gotta.

Time to grab a beer and visit dark places in your soul. So good. If you don’t love Morphine then we really can’t be friends. Seriously. If Morphine pops up at a party of mine I tell everyone to shut up and listen. If they talk…I kick them out of the party.

OK I need to add one more. I could/should do this forever with this band but I’m stoping at one song that will be playing at my funeral. Kate I love you.

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