flowersThank you again for playing along. It’s always fun to see (hear) what your 3 songs are. Remember these aren’t the “best” just your favorites (it usually coincides though, right?).

So I tweet and post on Facebook asking for your 3 songs about a certain topic. Our last topic? Flowers. (I threw a few needed tunes at the bottom) (enjoy)

Quite a battle for the top spot. But The Rolling Stones prevailed. I’m quite sure there’s no other answer. Good answering Glenn, David, J Balls, Michele, Lisa and Jay. Here’s a great live version. I was on 3 at the time so sadly I couldn’t see them then.

3 at number 2.

One of my favorite bands…Good job Lisa, Michele, Rob, and Lisa (a different one)

Everyone needs TP. Gotta have TP. Under-rated song on an under-rated album. Suggested by David, David (a different one), Rob, and Brendan (My Bro…nice job Bro)

Jangly rock. Damn fine bass line. Good call Lisa, Lisa (a different one), Thomas, and Nancy

1 with 3.
I can’t believe Stefanie didn’t mention this one…strike that…the opposite. Jerry was there man, Jerry was there. Good add Glenn, Lynn, and Stefanie.

A few tunes with a couple of mentions.

Gotta start with DLR. Great front man. Decent voice. Always loved the start of the video.
Ha…so the video is blocked (who are you…Prince?) but there’s this one…Wow. I’m sure you’ll still sing along. Nice job J Balls and David


Family time. Thanks to Butch and Lynn.

And of course, this one. Thank you Lynn and Brendan

Glad a few people mentioned this one. What a voice. Miss him. Thanks Rob and David. This one was recorded at the Metro in Chicago. One of my all time favorite venues.

“I drink much more than I ought to drink because it brings me back to you” and of course “Oh how you tricked me, liquid, bastard.” Damn haunting voice.

Also mentioned

Funky (and funny)…from Hot-lanta. Nice add Mark

Cover me I’m going in

What a great band. Good add Brendan. Nice guys too.

We love our “extra” votes. Rob added this one. Thought it would get a few mentions.

REM’s secret weapon? Backing vocals. Mills man…

J Balls added this tear jerker

And we’ll finish off J Balls with this recent “flower” tune.

He may be “odd” but holy balls seeing him play live…he is amazing. Not sure I’d want to hang with him but I’ll see him anywhere anytime.

In fact, I still love this. A bit dickish. Very cool. So Rock n Roll.

Let’s stay with David and his last. NSFW version.

A different David added this one. Always a fan of this tune. Loved Kurt on drums and look forward to Dave on guitar.

A different David (there were 3)

This is the first “not tagged” band mentioned. Actually I just checked. I had not “tagged” Babs until J Balls mentioned the duet.

glad we got Bowie in. Thanks Nancy

Good intro. Nice addition Lynn

Glad someone mentioned Bowie also quite happy we got this band in too. Good call Glenn


Butch mentioned a different REM flower tune.

Do I need to mention “backing vocals” again?

Lisa voted for this one…not sure this is the video she wanted but oh well…

Michelle mentioned one song. I asked for three. She gave us this one.

making her one vote count. What a song.

DAMN stretch this one out live. Love it. Thanks Ryan and Mark for the “vote”

the boys are back in town…Thanks Butch

Pretty tune. Good add David.

Stefanie…one guess what band? Everyone together now…

I do like this song.

She added one more GD just in case you forgot

Brendan added this one. John is brilliant live. Great chats between tunes.

the Lizard King

Good add Jay.

I remember this band when they wanted to be The Replacements

Great video…love the rain…man. That’s a concert. Good add Nancy

What a brilliant album. Sad he broke up but it gave me this album. Good mention Lisa

Love the drums when they bum bum bump. Not sure how to write that out but if you listen I’m sure you can figure out the moment.

Mark threw out Hayden. Going deep. With Stem.

Another great place to see a show. ACL in Austin. Michele voted this one in

Well you’ve made it this far. I’m going to add a few.

NEED Stone Roses in this list. Sad they didn’t get mentioned. This one is playing at my funeral. I love…LOVE that long, slow intro.

Oh hell one more.
When that guitar kicks in. Dirty sound, man. I miss the 90s.

Did I mention the 90s?

And this is how you destroy someone in song…OK “Spring” is a bit of a cheat but I felt like Ned’s hasn’t be played in a long time. Plus two basses. Two.

Oh look at that another 90s tune from Chris.

Damn awesome song from an album called Van Lear Rose

Again from a Rose album, well EP

Enjoy it all

Thanks for playing along. Music Friends are the Best Friends.

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