Both of these songs can be heard on last week’s new music radio show. Hear them and others on Week 521. Enjoy.

Monday’s Song of the Day
Cool. Tragic. Wonderful. Wonderfully tragic. Tragically cool. Coolly wonderful.

Sunday’s Song of the Day
Not as trippy as they’ve been in the past but rather a bit of funk, no?

Monday’s older song of the day
Holy balls I love my 13 year old. This song came up on shuffle this weekend and he said, “Hey that’s how I’d describe this year’s election season”.

We Don’t Know Eddie Vedder!

Sunday’s older song of the day.
Damn…1999? It’s not that old is it? Am that old I guess. Damn I’m old. “Everything you want isn’t everything you need”. Nice.

Bonus today for getting this far…one guitar god nodding to another

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