prince 2I quickly posted 2 (or 4) of my favorite stories about Prince after I heard the news. Kate called me. She said, “Have you heard?”.

“No, what is it?”

“Prince died”.

I couldn’t believe it. I still can’t believe it.

Then she asked whom they should talk to. I was still shocked but did say: Sheila E, Charlie Murphy (because that’s my favorite Prince Story), and I said I think his drummer lives in NYC.

Then…I posted more things on Twitter. And Facebook. So I’ve decided to gather those posts together. In case you missed them.

Great cover. Love the cello.

Listen to Prince’s last show. Live in Atlanta.

Prince on the Muppets. Love this song.

Full show with Prince

Paul Westerberg talks Prince. On the Radio and In print. I love Paul’s ended. I might have to go out and get something colorful too.

Every year our church (sorry congregation) host a variety show. My job is to MC and chat up the event to get people involved. I throw out chocolate to get people’s attention and use song lyrics to hook them in. This year? I used Prince. Strange to me now.

and yes you can stop by on May 7 at 5 PM or any other time if you’d like to check us out. CUUC.

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