My Music_33575755We pick a topic (actually I guess I pick a topic). We pick our 3 favorite songs about said topic. We call it “My 3 Songs”. They are not the “best” but our favorite songs.

I believe David summed it up nicely with his comment about how Hip Hop alone could dominate. Well played young man. They do rap about money quite a bit, no?

You commented (voted) and I counted them up. No hanging chads…so that’s a good thing.

What are the NEXTers favorite songs that revolve around “Money”?

Number one…with a bullet (or the most votes) (and yes J Balls I know you claimed DS was number one with a bullet…but numbers don’t lie) (or do they?)

So most votes by Brian, Jay, Stefanie and Cycling Tiger (I love that)

DAMN…what a band.
OK I need to embed the full show. You have to deal. Watch it all or just scroll.

the next 3 songs were mentioned twice good enough for second.
Here’s J Balls number one with a bullet and Nancy agreed. I miss MTV (hate, no HATE, reality TV) (and yes if watch any reality tv you are part of the problem)

The second of the 3 number 2’s.
Here’s some hippity hop via J Balls and David

Not quite a 180 but close, no? Thanks Cycling Tiger and Nancy

Version two is only one I had seen


Gold bloody star for this next one. No, two gold stars…Well played Thomas. I wore out this CD.

Jay brought the thunder. Time to put on our little school boy pants. Girls…keep it in your pants. I know I wear them so well.

Now Rob added this one as his bonus song (we NEXTers love our bonus songs) but I LOVE these lyrics and Mr Buckley. Man, what a voice.

and this version. WOW. I wish I were there.

And of course the only way to follow Buckley is (via David)

Let’s rip this place from Brian

Love the gravel. Nice addition Rob

Gotta have PJ. Right David? Gotta love the electric Uke.

What would you buy?

Good third song Nancy.

Hey what about the Beatles? Thomas did’t forget them. I say totally under appreciated tune.

I usually get a band or two that surprise me when I haven’t “tagged” them on the website site before. The fact that Donna Summers hadn’t been “tagged” before this post…doesn’t surprise me. Thanks Solange.

Damn fine song.

This song’s intro? See above.

I miss Amy. Good add Rob.

Jay’s 3rd choice

Stefanie takes it and runs.

J Balls with the brilliant call for Ray Charles. I hope you don’t mind but I found a version with the man in black too. Cash…really should have had at least ONE vote.

Hey look…Hippity Hop. David going old school.

Staying with David. Sophomore year I lived down the hall from a guy that played Mario (all bloody day) and cracked Zappa. And yes David it’s completely acceptable to “vote” an entire album.

And Yes J Balls it’s acceptable to use a last name.

THE KINKS. hell Yeah. Most of their song were/are about class…thus money. Well played Cycling Tiger.

The taxman’s taken all my dough…

The IRS…it’s theirs. Get it.

JrzyGyrl just wanted one…and made it count.

Solange’s last

And Rob’s last.

Stefanie’s last.

Ha…David’s last. One of the best (if not the best) fake band.

Poor Stumpy.


Some tune has to be last. Thanks Thomas.

I’m throwing in a few…OK?

One of my fave vox

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