Wow what a week of great new music. Both of these songs are vying for top song of 2016. Yes, early favorites. Top 10 for sure. Both of these songs and 12 other brilliant tunes are in Week 519…A MUST LISTEN TO WEEK. You will find a NEXT, new favorite song. You will.

Sunday’s Song of the Day.
Get your R&B on. Pure soul. This song will move you. You may cry. You may start dancing. You may make googly eyes at strangers on the subway. Whatever it does to you is right. Don’t fight it.

Also this is Kate’s favorite song this week. So it’s got that going for it.

Saturday’s Song of the Day
A musical 180? Just about from Sunday’s song (but that’s the joy of NEXT). Damn! I love this band. Yes they remind me of The ‘mats so that helps. Great lyrics. Turn this one up. No, not loud enough of yet. Turn it up. Louder.

Sunday’s Older Song of the Day
I could listen to this song forever. La Mer. And he only had 3 fingers…

Saturday’s Older Song of the Day
If you put out of your mind…that this was her “pop attempt” and “this sounds nothing like her first 2 albums.” You might forgive Liz. Maybe? Just listen with fresh ears. Also would Liz have my babies?

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