space songsI don’t remember how we came to the topic of Space for our latest “My 3 Songs” but here we are. Thank you again to all NEXTers that shared their 3 songs with us. I’m a big fan of these posts. I get surprised every time and usually get a song or 3 that I wasn’t aware of before.

So our favorite “space” song or the one with the most “votes”

REM by Laura, Nancy, Marc, and Chevel PR (Twitter)

Nice job. Good start.

2 number 2’s
Bowie from Lisa, Rob, and Chevel PR (damn fine musical taste)

They have (had) some of the coolest videos. This song just gets me going. My head just bops. Can’t help it. Nice job Lisa, J Balls, Cycling Tiger

3rd place. The next 4 videos.
Another “space” Bowie. He was a genius. And no you can’t argue with me on that. You can’t. You are wrong. Musical genius. Deal with it. Good job Rob and Cycling Tiger.

I wish I were there…love the storytelling. So deal with another version…and listen to the end too.

Kate worked in Roswell. So there’s that. Thank you Rob and Cycling Tiger (again)

No autotune

Via J Balls and Rob. So when I was added Frank to the “tags” section I noticed that I had never had him “tagged” before. A bit shocking really. I thought I had.

Patrick and Laura…you romantics (but just a wee bit weird romantic though…not that there’s anything wrong with that)

And the Rest (with a vote).

Sadly only Patrick mentioned Ms Phair but I’m adding one to this (maybe because some day I want someone to talk about me this way. Especially the Volcano part)

Floyd was only mentioned once. I mean there’s a WHOLE moon album. A bit disappointed. So thank you Michelle.

You must. MUST have these back to back, no?
OK fine just the tune that was mentioned.

And this…classic. Lovely strumming then when the drums hit…game over. Nice addition Rob.

Plus I get to plug Donnie Darko. A MUST see movie.

NEXT…what do we have. How about. Ha. How about this gem. Thanks Lou.

Michelle brought back this “classic”. yay 90s.

And we’ll stick with Michelle’s last “vote”

We can always count on Marc throwing some metal. How was this a B-Side? What a bloody great voice.

Sure why not…balance out the metal with something progressive.

Good add Lou.

Great “vote” by Chevel PR with this one.

So Patrick claims this one over Frank. What say you, NEXTers?

Nancy well played with this trio. So good they were.

and we’ll continue with the lovely Nancy and this glorious live version. Amazing. What a talent.

That’s Bowie’s 3rd song mentioned. I guess he likes space.

NOW…this is a jam. Thank you 70s and Glenn

Two more of Glenn’s
We’re going outtakes on this one. Because why not. Plus we know how it turned out.

Massive…that’s a good word. So good live.

thanks Lynn

and we’ll stay with the general sound/theme from Laura. Was going to find a live version but the video is go weird…happy nightmares everyone.

I think he added a bit of echo on this one, no? He sounds bloody awesome at 60. Damn. And holy balls he can play that piano…

Let’s stay with John

and his last. Added personal note…the first time I was on stage for radio station it was for this man. This is John’s last…

Marc plugs in Eddie and the boys. “Found” Old VH never pressed to vinyl. This song dates back to late 70s or early 80s but finished in 2012.

and Marc’s last. Rob’s voice is amazing. Still is. In fact, blow your mind and search out his Christmas Album. It’s AWESOME.

J Balls is back

When I die and they lay me to rest…not sure where I’m going. Probably a hole in the ground. Although I just saw a kickstarter (maybe?) to bury your ashes in a container with a tree seed. You come back as a tree. I might be leaning towards that. Kate, you okay with that?

NOW that’s how you intro a song

Thanks Lisa

and from Lou. We can mostly (always) count on Lou to fuck with us.

I’m going to add a few from Spacehog.

One of my favorites from 2013

and of course, their one hit wonder. Holy balls I love this tune. Great rolling bass.

and since you’ve made it this far.

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