song-of-the-day cassetteBoth of these song are not only songs of their respective days but 2 of our 15 favorite songs of March. An amazing month of music. Enjoy.

Song of the Day: Saturday
Just wait until they hit 46. Also I like how they turned the old adage of “nothing good happens after midnight” on it’s head. They are 27 (or at least the song claims it). I remember 27. I think.
This song is in the running for my favorite of the year. Addicted currently.

Song of the Day: Friday
Seems like a pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty good Friday kinda song. It’s a good driving song too. Warmer weather is coming (I hope). So include this one on that mix…

Older Song of the Day: Saturday
Love this album. Love this tune. If you don’t remember they took “found” lyrics by Woody and made an album with those lyrics.

Older Song of the Day: Friday
IF you do nothing else fast forward to Prince at 3:27…HOLY BALLS. Chills.

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