song-of-the-dayHello lovers. Lovers of great new music.

Both of these songs are included on this week’s NEXT. Week 516

Tuesday’s Song of the Day
Rock and/or Roll from CT.

Monday’s Song of the Day.
It’s always good to hear Tom. Or at least I believe so.
This one is a cover off a tribute album for Blind Willie Johnson. It’s a damn fine album with a damn fine collection of modern recording artists. Tom, obviously, joined by Lucinda Williams, Cowboy Junkies, Dereck Trucks, Tedeschi and more.

Tuesday’s Older Tune
A great song for making new friends for one glorious night…”What’s your name again?”

Monday’s Older Tune
Love isn’t easy but even harder when you are trying to force something…Or Anything.

Enjoy it all.

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