Singer Femme takes over SXSW with girl power and her unique love of beats, bass and glitter.

With margaritas in hand and queso on the table, Femme was perfectly pink with large mod 60’s glasses and Jodi by her side to discuss girls, beats and bass.

J: With the whole one women aspect how does that translate onstage?

F: I step into my pop star persona. Live Jodi Dj’s and in the UK usually we have two other girls. Three girls all dancing, singing a proper party with big masculine beats with a 60’s girl group element on top. We play with a lot of lights a lot of glitters and a lot of glam.

J: You have an album coming out soon, what can fans expect from that?

F: New album Debutante is coming out on April, 15th. It’s a continuation of what I’ve already put out. Santigold inspiration, bright pink, ballsy and beat driven. It’s what I’ve set out to do which is girls, beats and bass.

J: Light Me Up is such a pop song in comparison to your other tracks. Where did that song come from and how was the process different for that song?

F: It was an experiment, and it took me ages to get to that point. When I first wrote it, it was even more polite and of course, everyone hears it and instantly falls in love with it. It was a bit different, and it doesn’t sound like my voice, but it’s the most pop thing on the album.

F: There’s enough variety on the record that different people get into it for various reasons, but it’s all been produced by one set of hands, me. So hopefully, it sounds like one personality.

J: Lastly, I asked Femme for some words of wisdom, her answer below was a highlight of the interview.

F: Working hard perseverance, that’s all I’ve been doing for years. Forging my path rather than just swallowing the path that could have been put in front of me. I would recommend any new artist just keep working and stay focused, and do your own thing. I control everything for myself, and I don’t set out to control everything. It was a process of self-exploration, with my photos I just wanted to experiment with myself, and they turned out good enough.  I needed to figure out what I was doing first. This is my work; this is what I sound like, and now I can be happy going forward collaborating with other people because I have a firm hand on what I am doing now.

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