green stringsHappy Day O the Green.

You need a good soundtrack for whatever the day will bring you.

U2? Too obvious, right? So let’s dig a wee bit deeper shall we. We may cover some you know or some you’ve forgotten. Enjoy it all. Have a beer for me.

OK where to start…

Let’s start with Thin Lizzy

Or Them. Love that moniker.

Or The Pogues. I mean it’s too easy but it’s needed.

or Two Door Cinema Club

or The Pogues…again

or The Frames

or The Waterboys

Or Ash

Or John Peel’s favorite song. The Undertones (might be a bit of cheat but you’ve been drinking all day you wouldn’t mind or care)

Or Snow Patrol

Or Van

Or The Pogues (again)
It’s the end of the night. You’ve been hitting on the cutie at the end of the bar all day. Throw this on via the Jukebox (they still have those right?). And Karaoke you’re way right into her heart. Plus what if it works. NOW that’s a story to tell.

Oh hell why not a few U2 tunes.

Did I miss something? Let me know.


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