chaser8My Life In Music – Pat Walsh, Chaser Eight. Pat plays guitar. Chaser Eight just release a killer new tune. If you listen to NEXT at all this year you’ve heard it. Now buy it. See them live too.

Just a few Chaser Eight NEXT Highlights.
A favorite song of Feb 2016
A Favorite Song of all of 2015
So yes I think quite highly of this band. They also did a StageIt with me (I hope to do another with them again soon).

All these words are from Pat now:

I have 3 older siblings and there was certainly lots of music being played in the house when I was growing up. My brothers were into jam bands mostly (Phish, Grateful Dead, The Allman Brothers Band) but they also played a lot of the popular 90s rock artists of that time. I especially remember listening to those albums while thumbing through the accompanying CD Booklets. There was a lot of interesting photos and artwork in CDs at the time and I recall the combination of music and visuals having a powerful impact on me. In Utero by Nirvana, Vitalogy by Pearl Jam, and Mellow Gold by Beck were some favorites of mine. Beck’s lo-fi early music was something I particularly treasured, though later on I would be into music with more exacting, hi-fi production.

As I moved into my teenage years my tastes changed a bit. Though many of my friend’s liked more aggressive music like punk rock I was actually becoming less interested in that kind of thing. I enjoyed listening to music with really precise, high fidelity, production values. This would encompass a lot of different types of music from Phil Spector to early Kanye West (I don’t what’s happened to that guy in recent years but back in the day he really was an awesome hip hop producer!). I especially liked listening to Steely Dan records and reading about how demanding they were in the studio. I think that sparked my interest in recording and producing, even though stylistically my music is nothing like theirs.

As I got into my 20s I got simultaneously interested in indie rock and guitar jazz. For indie rock I really got into My Morning Jacket, Arcade Fire and Vampire Weekend (if anyone likes Paul Simon and has not heard the album Modern Vampires of the City please do so). Most of all Wilco was and is my favorite! I think I could listen to Jeff Tweedy sing anything. On the rare occasion I sing backup on one of our recordings, whatever I am doing is usually just a rip-off of Jeff.

As I said I also got into guitar jazz. I played guitar in my college’s jazz combo so I really got into guys like John Scofield and Wes Montgomery. Wes in particular always cheers me up whenever I put him on. I was never all that great at play jazz guitar but the practice of trying to play really exacting music has definitely helped me with the rock music I play now.

These days with so much of my time spent on our band’s gigs, videos and recordings it is sometimes hard to discover new music. However once in a while I will stumble upon something that really interests me. Oftentimes it is what would be considered “World” music. I especially like it when I hear rock music combined with genres from other parts of the globe. Jonas Hellborg does a nice job of combining rock n’ roll with traditional Indian and Pakistani music, and I recently discovered that in the early 1970s Cambodia had great psychedelic rock. It’s very sad what later happened to many of these artists under the Khmer Rouge but what they left behind artistically is quite something!

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