My3Songs_75My daughter was going over our primate songs. We were loving the selections. I asked her for the next topic. She thought about it for a few moments then said, “The ocean.” Nice idea. Then I asked, “Why?” and I really should have known but she said this song

It’s been one of favorite songs forever (She’s only 10). She’s not alone. Blue October beat out Led Zeppelin, Modest Mouse, Bob Schneider and, well, everyone else. Laura, Peter, and Nancy have the brilliant taste to agree with Abby. And yes that is about the highest compliment I can give a NEXTer.

Our next (get it) favorite ocean song is

Nice job Rob, Kim, and Jay. So good. This song is brilliant. Plus you gotta love any song with the lyric “you wasted life why wouldn’t you waste the afterlife´╗┐?”

Now a A 6 way tie for third. and if I voted this one would get a another vote. I always say when in doubt, Bob. Live version someone (Rob?) posted.

Votes: Rob and Lynne (thank you)

Still third place:
This acoustic version. Wow? And great intro. Thank you for posting it Lisa. Also voted on by Stefanie.

and I’m posting this version to remind you that you MUST SEE a show at Red Rocks.

Led Zep got the votes too. Thank you Stefanie (again) (Nice!) and Jay. Just a monster song.

Hello Nemo. Votes from Kim and Glenn

Ships count…on the ocean. Crazy good harmonies. Votes via Stefanie and Glenn.

and the last third place song:
We can’t have an Ocean My 3 Songs without this one. Thank you Kim and Dawn “Beth”

Jay nailed it with this one. Modern take on surf, man. Better than coffee on a Monday.

This one still makes me smile. I want to stomp around the room. Nice job Laura. Kidding like Foo before Foo was king. No?

David nailed this one. Well played young man.

Ok…we just need to let song wash over us…a pause before we continue.



Ok…we shall continue forth now. Lynne reminded me of my love of this tune. Pure pub. Now get me my beer.

Balls to the wall man. Balls to the wall. Nice job, Patrick. I love the quiet intro…cuz I know what’s coming.

Eddie loves this subject. David loves PJ. So all his votes went to Pearl Jam and I don’t mind one bloody bit.

and 3 more…so good live.

2 left

and David wanted (and got) a bonus. Actually quite a few NEXTers added a 4th.

and Kim’s third

We still need to cover Patrick’s other two votes (and a bonus). NEXTers love their bonuses.


and Kim’s bonus.

Yes it’s that Minnie Driver. My first listen. Pretty good.

Rob’s third. Got have the boys, right?

Stefanie’s third. Powerful voice. Crazy good band.

Dan decided on one tune (maybe to make up for all the “bonus” tracks?)

If you’re only going to give us one…you made it count.

We have two more via Laura


Rhett is such a brilliant lyric guy.

Dawn “Beth” has 2 left


Peter has 2 left (and a bonus) (imagine that)

I haven’t listened to this in ages. Thanks. Great song.

and bonus time

is that the album cover? Wow.

Glenn’s last is fab

Nancy. 2 more.


We have 2 left from David too.

excellent choice


I’ve never heard this. Thanks man.

3 From Jen


last one (hey I lived in St Thomas)

The Cycling Tiger. 3 songs.

Love the baseline.


I threw in the live version with a Talking Heads cover. I hope that’s ok.

The Last of Lynne’s

Again another one I’ve never heard. Thanks.

and since I’m quite sure no one is getting this far down…WEEN

Thanks NEXTers. Looking forward to our next My 3 Songs. Enjoy it all.

Oh hell I’m adding one more for the hell of it. Because why the hell not?

Which of course made me think of this one. Holy balls I love this tune.

good bye. thank you.


  • Great help from the daughter. Yeah, that was the album from Jim Steinman . You should check out that album Bad For Good. It was a solid constant on my turntable back then. From 1st pop to ending scratch to the label. (OH, his version of Rock & Roll Dreams Come Through, an extra 45 single included inside the album) Better than Meatloaf. In my opinion. Sure you know, but he did a lot of work with Meatloaf. Bat Out of Hell, etc… ok,,, Thanks again for the mention. Great music. Great topic.

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