mr holmesQuiet. If I had to do a 1 word review that would be it. Quiet.

2 words? Quietly brilliant.

3 words? Not your average Holmes adventure movie. Wait that’s not 3 words. How about: it’s an art film. Damn that’s 4.

Sherlock is 93 years old and is reflecting on his last case with the help of Roger (and battling with losing his mind). Roger is Holmes’ housekeeper’s son. Roger is a joy. Dare I say a Holmes in training.

This Holmes is a great showcase of Ian McKellen. Laura Linney is perfect in this movie as well. When isn’t she?

This is not an American popcorn movie (almost all of the “action” is “off” scene) but I highly recommend this for maybe a snowy (snowed in?) day. Take it easy with this film. Relax and enjoy the characters or more precisely the actors bringing these characters to life.

I’ve been a fan of the current Holmes’ out there. Downey Jr’s? So much fun. He plays him like Ironman. And it works. Johnny Lee Miller’s? He’s the only on TV’s Sherlock right now. It’s a great show. I recommend it highly. Cumberbatch’s? Stop it. That’s just a silly question. Remember when someone said “there are no stupid questions just stupid people”? (or something like that) Well, sorry but that’s a stupid question. If you don’t find the BBC’s latest version brilliant we can’t be friends. So very good. I’ll gladly add Ian’s Sherlock to the “good” of the current actors playing Holmes.

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