monkey with guitarEvery so often I ask a simple question. A “My 3 Songs” question. I ask for your 3 favorite songs about a topic. My last “My 3 Songs” was about primates. Why? Why not.

These were your choices. Thank you to everyone that commented. I truly appreciate our music community.

Number one most mentioned primate song? suggested by Rob, David, and Cycling Tiger (via Twitter). If man is 5…

Number 2? Suggested by Rob (again) and Cathleen. And yes the “in the time of chimpanzees I was a monkey” counts as a Primate “My 3 Songs” song.

We’ll finish with Rob’s third suggestion.

Let’s continue with Cycling Tigers other two too.
Damn the Foo’s have cool ass videos. PS if at 3:11 until that bloody amazing scream at 3:33 doesn’t make you feel like throwing things around your room…you may be dead.

Phish’s version is ok but man the original is brilliant.

PG is always welcomed and the force is strong with David and Kim (and me?) as they suggested

and he added this (and maybe lost me a bit) A man and his monkey.

Alexander Supertramp (his real name?) put me to shame. I usually have a few ideas in mind when I ask throw out a topic for “My 3 Songs” but this one never crossed my mind. And I love PJ.

The moral of the story? Humans are very good at messing everything up. Very good. Also this song is brilliant live.
Then Mr Supertramp added the Royals of Rock n Roll. Hey not too bad for a bunch of old men.

His last? The truly under-appreciated The Kinks. Yes, I said it. I meant it. They are under appreciated. I love this promo video of Apeman. Ah…the 60s (ok the tail end).

Then as a bonus song (which I’ll accept)

Of course we can’t have a favorite primate song with these guys. Nice add Alix. I loved this show. Mary Mary is one tune I might go with. Also that logo is very cool.

Oh this one had more than one suggestion too. Should have added this closer to the top but here is it thanks to Angela and Daniel.

Daniel added

and this one. Those cool cats can get down

Another one I didn’t think about.

and adding more Ray Stevens

Marc added this one. Man Bach had (has?) a vox.

Lastly, Patrick

No sorry Kim had a few primate tune (also see PG)

If I may…I’m adding

and how wasn’t this a big hit? I always thought it should be. Did anybody on the radio play this? (except me)

I could be wrong…I usually am so maybe it’s not a huge surprise it wasn’t a “hit”.
and one more

Thanks again for playing “My 3 Songs”.

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