A wearing D Bowie T5 songs. Usually you can describe an artist, a band, in 5 songs. Hell, sometimes it takes just one. 5 songs is enough to cover different phases. Different eras.

5 songs isn’t enough to even begin to describe David Bowie.

PS: if I may take a few moments to bask in the joy (is that the right word?) that after listening to me talk about the death of David Bowie my 10 year old came down ready for school wearing one of her favorite shirts (she MUST wear it at least once a week to school). Just look to the right —->

I love that little girl.

I will say the first song I tweeted was

I can’t thank David Bowie enough for my intro (and most of the worlds) to SRV.

LOVE. Bowie doing VU.

I love this duet. Annie is amazing.

He is the coolest motherfucker around. A true gentleman. Bloody hell. I just wrote “is”. Was. Fuck.

Holy balls…what a tune. Pretty much everything you want/need/lust for in a Bowie song in one song.

Two great Davids

Already listed more than 5 so I’ll wrap it up. I told you. Impossible.

Not the biggest fan of remixes but when this version came out in ’90 on the “best of” Changes…my mind was changed. This became my “Fame” song.

and because I don’t want to cry anymore. A bit of comedy.

And The Modern Electric pretty much nails it.

Leave a Bowie song not included…that should be.


And remember if you love someone hug them right now.


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