Welcome to something new. NEXT is about new so I’m trying something new. I hope you like. It’s a quick (?) travel through my life IN music.

We should begin at the begin.
(Always thought that would be a great song to be the first song I’d play if someone, someday gave me a radio station.)

Young Youth.
So around the house growing up there wasn’t a lot of music playing. Or at least that I remember (I’m sure there was) but I have vivid memories of driving in the car and hearing these two songs.

I asked Papa (my Dad) once: The Beatles or The Rolling Stones? He said “Elvis”.

He was also a Parrothead.

Middle school or Junior High.

It was a birthday in 1982. I got my first two tapes from a friend. Tapes. Not CDs. Not Albums. Not MP3’s (not even a “dream” at the time I would guess) but Tapes of Asia and Journey. Loved both album covers too.

Yes “Don’t Stop Believin'” Was everywhere but this one was my favorite. I’m still of the belief that if the “radio” song is the best song on the album; then it’s a huge disappointment.

I also remember “dances” and this song always got us smiling (For obvious Junior High Reasons). And yes I know it’s about the “horrors” of the record business (like Pink Floyd’s “Have a Cigar“…and by the way which one’s Pink?)

I went out and bought “Don’t Say No” and loved every bloody song. In fact, that inspired me to buy “Tale of the Tape” (Billy’s previous LP) and I couldn’t wait for “Emotions in Motion” but we will not cover the sad “ending” of his career with That Video. I still can’t believe that happened. I still bought his albums. Everyone else…not so much.

The Following year. I’m in 8th grade. We are on a bus for a field trip. Micheal Gilson brought his Walkman with him. He said, “You have to hear this new tape I got.” He gave me the headphones…I never gave them back. Listened to the whole tape. I loved it.
One thing now if you listen to the CD of Pyromania it’s out of it’s proper listening “flow”. It was put together so well. The First side…flowed. The Second side…flowed. On the CD…it doesn’t flow. The order of the songs are all messed up. I wonder what a good order would be for the CD?
I could pick any song of the album but I’ll dig just a bit deeper.

Ready for High School? We’ll cover that next.


  • I love this. Can’t wait for the next installment. I think everyone should do it. Makes you realize how, for most of us I think, music is intertwined in our memories and and a crucial element in our life experience even if we aren’t conscious of it in the moment.

  • Excellent article, Chris! Music is such a big part of our lives, it deserves something like this. I’m contemplating doing something very similar now I’ve seen yours!
    Looking forward to the next instalment as well!!

  • Cool story. Mine is similar. Loved my parents Beatles and Elvis records because those were “heavy” songs, or so I thought. Then I heard Any Way You Want It and that upped the anti a bit. Then throw in Rush (Moving Pictures), and Van Halen and it got upped a bit more. Then there was BACK IN BLACK BY AC/DC. That was it. I’m getting chills typing this! I was on my way down the heavy rock path. Pyromania was huge too. Then I heard Run to the Hills by Iron Maiden…….then I bought this “Kill em All” album by this new band called Metallica. I had not even heard any of the songs. I saw all the songs were pretty long (5-8 minutes – which means music, not vocals) and their name was cool. It had to be heavy. The mixed tapes I listened to on the bus on the way to basketball games was BRUTAL.

    • and I remember a concert featuring your band at Calhoun’s…and the cops broke it up even though Calhoun got the ok from the town.

      I should have included Maiden (loved If You’re Gonna Die…Die with Your Boots On) and Rush (via my cousin). I might have to update the post. and I, too, remember a lot of AC/DC at parties.

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