The Modern Electric promo Photo SEPT Photo Credit - Jason  HaddoxThis is the world premiere of the Prowess Is Power music video from the brilliant Ohio band The Modern Electric.

The song is off their new album Original Motion Picture Soundtrack produced by Mike McCarthy (Spoon, Heartless Bastards).

They have been writing, directing, and producing a new music video a month from this album starting in January as a way to soundtrack the year for their fans.

This is their first ever black and white music video and it is a tribute to the movie The Hustler with Paul Newman and Jackie Gleason.

If you know NEXT you know we love TME (The Modern Electric). If you’ve seen TME live then you know why. If you don’t know TME then you should remedy that mighty quick. And experience them live.

TME also had a Favorite Song of January on NEXT. Worth a listen.

Enjoy it all.

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