penny jarThis jar with only a few pennies and a bit of lose change proves that my 9 year is the coolest person in the world.

That was a rather cryptic post on social media but now I need feedback. Please share this and reply.

I’m a stay at home dad. So when dad has to miss an event or wears a suit to a “meeting”, well, let’s just say interests are piqued. The last few months I’ve been trying to figure out if Westchester NY is a good place for a small music venue. I think so. A few others I’ve met with also believe so. Most small spaces for music are restaurants that tuck the musicians in a corner. I want to focus on music. Not cover bands. Original music. The kind of music you’ve gotten via my charity concert series but on a daily basis.

OK, quickly back to the Penny Jar. So my 9 year asks me about missing events and wearing suits and “having meetings”. I tell her about my music venue idea. She is excited. The following day she wakes up and comes into the kitchen with a jar of pennies (and lose change) to help me buy a place to open a small music venue. I almost cried right then and there. HOW BLOODY COOL is she? None more cool.

I need a bit of feedback. I’m going to crowdsource a bit of the venue (and to gauge interest).

What would reward would you purchase? And Yes I want to offer something for Non-NY Nexters also.

Here are a few ideas I think may be of interest but please add your own and the price you believe people might pay.

Your name on a brick or embedded in the bar top or a stool/chair: $500?
Tickets to Opening Night. $125?
Naming rights to the Stage(s). We’re hoping for small acoustic and a main stage: Let’s Talk
Limited Edition Tee Shirt: $40?
Limited Edition Hoodie: $90?
MP3’s (5) of Live Songs: $20?
10 Pack of Tickets (I think the range for shows will be $8 to $40 Mostly $15 to $25): $175?
Signed Poster and/or Photo of live act via our professional photographer: $45

I truly need your help and want (NEED) your feedback.

Thank you

Enjoy it all



  • Chris – torn on this. Well, actually, let me ‘splain. LOVE LOVE LOOOOVVVEEE the idea. Torn only from a business feasibility standpoint. I grew up in Westchester, as you know, so have some knowledge of the area. Currenly, I live in Inwood – northernmost Manhattan. Our neighbourhood is one of the last with affordable residential rents, and until recently, commercial rents. Lately, though, a lot of businesses have closed because they could not pay the rent. Many of my neighbours want “a craft shop” “an organic juice store” “a bookstore” and on and on. But, when people do the studies on the foot traffic/area density/demographic, it seems that none of those would be viable.

    When you talk about a small music venue, I say HELLS YEAH. But, then, not sure where you could find a place with affordable rent. If you can, how will you make it? As you mention, you could rent out part for music lessons, but that will take a while to grow. IF you’re going to subsidize by serving booze, you open a whole nother kettle of fish – higher insurance (obviously you need in surance for anything), liquor license, etc. etc.

    I like the list of goods, but that seems like it would pay the rent for a few months, not necessarily a sustainable income stream.

    So, please don’t take this as throwing water on your parade… just things to think about. I would LOVE to see it come to fruition, and, yes, you and your kid are the coolest. xoxo love you man

  • I think its a great idea. The places known for live music in the area keep having the same bands back again and again and it gets kind of repetitious. Its very difficult to find places to book local talent and this looks like a good opportunity for local bands to get some exposure. Not so much interested in the reward aspect, after all the music is its own reward, right? I say bring it on!

  • Love the idea. Perhaps a coffeehouse feel that during the day could be a cool community gathering place with, well, coffee, etc and a music venue at night. It would be great to feature other artists, e.g. slam poetry, authors, etc in order to have varied programming that appeals to a wide audience. And of course great music.
    Somewhere that is accessible to both the East and West sides of the county, like White Plains could work, or Port Chester to build on the draw of the Capitol Theater.
    As for crowdsourcing “rewards” – tickets would be best as they would help fill the seats while you’re building the business.

  • I think it’s a great idea. Lots to consider. Sent you an email a few days ago (just so you know in case it ended up in the spam box). Hope it’s helpful.

  • I love the idea, and concept. Knowing you, it will be executed correctly. I share Cat’s concerns, but you know the area better than I do. If you pull the trigger, i am behind you 100%.

  • First off, THANK YOU FOR BRINGING BACK SOME OUTSIDE SHOWS!!!! SECOND, I know for a FACT that something like that would take off like wildfire down here in the South!!!! 3. The brick idea is absolutely awesome but laaawww have mercy, the folks going to these shows can barely afford a very good priced, ticket!! 4. The Hoodie is way too high too! Knock it down to like $60.
    If you need some help with ANY of your Artwork, business cards, brochures, etc. to get your information out to the masses, as well as, helping with the t shirt and Hoodie designs, I WOULD LOVE TO HELP!!!!!

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