WildAdriatic liveTour the US.

Tour Europe.

Play a NEXT charity concert.

Play Bonnaroo.
That will be checked soon.

And you’ll get to see Wild Adriatic in at a small venue (probably for the last time) this Thursday. MTK Main St and NEXT are happy to bring to you this glorious power trio to Westchester at MTK Tavern in Mount Kisco (right on Main St). You don’t have to drive to NYC or Brooklyn to see world class musicians. See you Thursday 4/23 at 9PM.

It’s Free. And free is good.

It’s a party and you’re invited. Bring friends because when you Mess Around it’s better with friends.

If you live in Westchester NY and care about live music, musicians, creating a community of people that care about the arts then you should be joining us Thursday night 4/23 at MTK Tavern. Music at 9PM. Pam is doing great things at this cool venue. She cares. She’s doing it right. Let’s support her. And it’s a FREE show. The food is great. The beer is cold. The NEXTers are brilliant people. Glorious people to hang out with. Kate Snow of NBC will be there.

wild adriatic bonnarooIf you are in a band I would swing by and network with this soon to explode young band. NEXT might have been a bit ahead of the curve.

Shall we review? World Class Rock. A free show. FREE. Great people. Beer. Live music is good for your soul. I think that’s enough of a reason to hang out. See you Thursday 4/23 at MTK Tavern at 9PM. Tell your friends. Thursday is the new Friday.

Did you see that live footage? You want to be there. You should want to be there.

and remember if you love someone hug them right now.

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