Dewey-Finn-School-of-Rock-teachingBruce once sang “We learned more from a three-minute record. Baby, than we ever learned in school.”

Let’s call this graduate school. Or pre-school. I’ll quote a few choice lines then give you the full tune. This truly is the tip of the iceberg. Leave a comment about your favorite RnR Wisdom lyric or just wait for another post of RnR Wisdom. Coming soon.

I need to start with one of all time favorite songs. The closer you get to granddad the closer this song hits.

The Faces “Ohh La La”

poor young grandson there’s nothing I can say
you’ll have to learn, just like me
and that’s the hardest way

ooh la la
ooh la la, la la, yeah

I wish that I knew what I know now
when I was younger
I wish that I knew what I know now
when I was stronger

Damn Bill! I love these lyrics. Don’t get me started on the trumpet…perfect. You cover sunscreen, growing up sucking, and that line about finance? You get me every time.

Black Taxi “House on Fire”

It’s always the kids who liked to get real dizzy on the playground that got into drugs
It’s always the guys who had girlfriends first either went into finance or turned into thugs
I need someone like you
Those hollow figures just won’t do

All the girls staring up at the sun find out too late the damage is done
All the daughters playing out in the rain find out that the grown up games just ain’t any fun

Truth in rock. Thank you. So much. So Brilliant live too. True friends are amazing. If you have my back…I’ll go on. Thank you friends.

Frank Turner “If I Ever Stray”

Forgive me someone for I have sinned
And I know not where I should begin
And some days it feels like you just can’t win
No matter what you do or say

Things didn’t kill me but I don’t feel stronger
And life is short but it feels much longer

‘Cause love is free and life is cheap
And as long as I’ve got me a place to sleep
Some clothes on my back and some food to eat
Then I can’t ask for anything more

The path I chose isn’t straight and narrow
It wanders around like a drunken fellow
Some days it’s hard for me to follow
But if you’ve got my back I’ll go on
If you’ve got my back I’ll go on

You can’t have a course on lyrics and not include Tom. Mr Waits works on so many levels. He is a not for everyone and that is just one of the reason I love him.

Tom Waits “Get Behind the Mule”
Never let the weeds get higher than the garden
Always keep a sapphire in your mind
Always keep a diamond in your mind

Sometimes you win. Sometimes you lose. Sometimes…well I’ll let Mr Knopfler tell it to you. He’s better with the pen and the guitar. Class is in session.

Dire Straits “The Bug”
well it’s a strange old game – you learn it slow
one step forward and it’s back to go
you’re standing on the throttle
you’re standing on the breaks
in the groove ’til you make a mistake

sometimes you’re the windshield
sometimes you’re the bug
sometimes it all comes together baby
sometimes you’re a fool in love
sometimes you’re the louisville slugger
sometimes you’re the ball
sometimes it all comes together baby
sometimes you’re going to lose it all


  • Great topic, (and terrific choices to start with, Chris)!

    Top of mind for me was this Gem from John Lennon (and his mates) – The whole song and lyrics are brilliant, but this stanza in particular has always grabbed me:

    Nothing you can make that can’t be made
    No one you can save that can’t be saved
    Nothing you can do but you can learn how to be you in time
    It’s easy

    All you need is love
    All you need is love
    All you need is love, love
    Love is all you need

  • “I am an American aquarium drinker
    I assassin down the avenue
    I’m hiding out in the big city blinking
    What was I thinking when I let go of you?”

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